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Voyager. This module hepls you make face recognition system easily. It can communicate with almost all kinds of devices such as open hardware platform (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and etc), PC, mobile device, and etc.


Side View

Size Comparison of Voyager with Business Card and Coins

 Face Recognition (FR) Technology has been received the high attention as the most convenient human identification technology.

 However, FR Technology has not been widely used because FR System is still expensive and bulky.

 CrasID now announces the "Voyager", the standalone FR Module which is so compact to implement into FR System and is low price. This was possible by employing CrasID’s proprietary FR Algorithm and the Special Hardware Technology.

 CrasID does hope that many people enjoy the wonderful experiences of Face Recognition Technology through the "Voyager".


Key Features & Facts
 Multi-Face Detection & Face Recognition
 UART Interface with host system
 RTOS & Battery Operation
 The Most Compact Physical Dimension in the World (50 x 35 x 22 mm3, except connector)

 Voyager Main Module (FR Algorithm, UerFace®, ported)
 IR LED Illumination Module (6EA 850nm IR LED)
 Application Sample Code
 User & Developer Manual
 Power Cable & UART 4 pin Cable
 Material Download without password
    - ftp2.crasid.com / port#: 6655 / ID:vpub / passive mode
    - How to download: Internet Voyager Cafe (http://cafe.naver.com/crasid/27)


 AP & Memory    ARM9 with 4MB Flash and 8MB dRAM
 Camera    VGA CIS
 LED    6EA 850nm IR LEDs
 Lux    0 Lux ~ 1,500 Lux
 Interface    UART 9.6kbps ~ 1.0Mbps (I/O level : 3.3V)
 GPIO    1 pin (I/O level : 3.3V) : Industry use only
 Power Consumption    1.75W
 Working Temp.    0°C ~ 60°C
 Size    5cm x 3.5cm x 2.6cm3


 OS    v-RTOS
 Protocol    v1.2
 Boot time    < 0.5 sec
 SDK    Linux, Windows, Arduino
 C-code for multi-Platform


 Version    v2.0.15.3
 FAR    0.1% - 0.001% (Selectable)
 Detection    5 faces / frame (Detection Distance : ~ 1.5m)
 Enroll Capacity    10 FaceID (3 poses registration / FaceID)
 Rec. Time    < 1 sec
 Rec. Distance    40cm ~ 60cm (recommended)
 Environment     Indoor Environments away from direct sun-light
  Indoor Environments away from direct strong IR sources


Sales & Support
 Inquiry   sales@crasid.com
 얼굴인식 모듈 [Voyager] - Devicemart.co.kr
 얼굴인식 모듈 보이저 [Voyager] - Eleparts.co.kr
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 CF   Voyager Commercial Film @ Youtube
 Brochure   Voyager Brochure (pdf)


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