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Voyager Roadmap
Voyager Roadmap


Introduction of Voyager

Face Recognition (FR) Technology has been received the high attentions as the most convenient human identification technology.

However, FR Technology has not been widely used because FR System is still expensive and bulky.

CrasID now announces the "Voyager Series", the standalone FR Module which is compact to implement into FR System and is low price.

This was possible by employing CrasID's proprietary FR Algorithm and the Special Hardware/Firmware Technology.

CrasID does hope that many people enjoy the wonderful experiences of Face Recognition Technology through the "Voyager Series".


Voyager-1 Voyager-2H Voyager-IoT
  Voyager Series  




FR System Development Process with Voyager



For whom the Voyager is developed

 Innovators who are employing Open Hardware (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and etc) to develop their own innovative Face Recognition products.
 Developers who have a plan to develop the IT security products, Robot, and IoT terminals with Face Recognition Technology.
 Entrepreneurs who do have a willingness of entering emerging business opportunities with Face Recognition Technology.


Voyager Application Note
 Voyager-series communicates with host systems through UART ( Voyager-IoT supports UART and Wi-Fi) max. speed of 1.0Mbps. It also supports serial communication speed of 1Mbps, 230.4kbps, 115.2kbps, and 9.6kbps.
 Developers can connect their own host systems (PC, Pad, smartphone, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and etc) with Voyager-series through various interfaces, such as UART to Bluetooth, UART to USB, and UART to Wi-Fi modules.
 Voyager-series successfully communicates with Raspberry Pi2 at 1.0Mbps through UART, 230.4kbps through UART to Bluetooth, 1.0Mbps through UART to USB, and 1.0Mbps through UART to Wi-Fi.


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