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Conscious human interaction begins when we recognize the face of person that we encounter. Up to this point, machines were able to identify a human being by examining the specific patterns in our fingers or eyes.

Face Recognition (FR) technology aims to teach machines to detect human faces, and identify individual people just as a human being would do. To make this happen, machines must first learn the facial traits of human by examining several million images of different people's faces. After this procedure, the FR algorithm will be capable of differentiating human faces from other objects from live streaming videos by utilizing the trained human face database. We call this process "machine learning", or "deep learning".

Once a face is detected, then the FR algorithm attempts to determine the identity of the individual by cross checking the detected face with faces from its pre-registered database, via comparing the similarity of the facial traits.

Until now, we were required to touch - or at least be in close proximity of – the device in order for it to recognize who we are. FR technology will open up the possibility to a new non-intrusive paradigm of human identification, which feels as natural as any human interaction. We at CrasID are working non-stop to provide the most user-friendly FR products at a reasonable price range to the marketplace.

Our faces light up when someone recognizes, and acknowledges us. Through developing cutting-edge FR technology, we hope everyone to share and spread this feeling of being greeted.


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